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As a patient, one clear and outstanding benefit of the Altima Clinic is that our skilled team is able to provide you with the best treatments all at one address.

Each team member is equipped with leading technologies to provide diverse and complimentary treatments, so you no longer have to travel to multiple locations in order to access the help you need

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Lower Limb - Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis

Your lower limbs are intensively used for almost all movements!

If there are any abnormalities in your lower limbs, this biomechanical assessment and gait analysis will help analyse discomfort or pain as well as impacting on performance.

Lower limb abnormality can also cause discomfort and pain in knees, hips, lower back as well as other locations.

So, our podiatrists will undertake a complete biomechancial assessment to identify the cause and present solutions.

Our state of the art assessment suite provides the next level of insights to help our Podiatrists make the very best analysis possible as well as being able to clearly show you the reasons for any discomfort.

Price: £60.00
Time: 1 Hour
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Insoles - Custom-made insoles/orthotics

Here at Altima NI Foot Clinic, we use cutting-edge 3D printing technology to craft insoles and orthotics specifically for each patient. All sorts of custom insoles, from athletic shoes to work boots to high heels, can be made at our Magherafelt Altima Foot Clinic.

Your insoles can bring about a dramatic difference by making every step enjoyable by reducing pain and ongoing injuries.

These insoles will help support and realign the foot and ankle into the ideal position for the effective foot and lower limb function.

This solution can be recommended as part of your Lower Limb - Biomechanical assessment and Gait Analysis if required.

Initial Podiatry Assessment

Your first podiatry appointment with our podiatrist will provide you with a detailed plan of action to treat the problem that brought you to us, as well as any conditions discovered during your visit.

Our podiatrists will as required:

  • Start with a complete vascular and neurological assessment
  • Provide an explanation of any outputs from the assessment
  • Undertake an initial foot treatment so you can leave with your feet feeling fresh and healthy.
  • Develop a treatment plan adjusted to your needs
  • Make any internal referrals that might be needed

If you have any queries on how we can help please contact the clinic and one our team will be happy to discuss.

Price: £45.00
Time: 45 Minutes
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Podiatry Follow Up Treatment

This treatment should be booked if you have already had an Initial Podiatry Assessment.

This podiatry follow up may be for a specific treatment arranged between you and your podiatrist/chiropodist or it might be for a general foot treatment that has everything you need to get your feet in shape quickly and feeling better.

The foot treatment includes nail trim, scalpel debridement of hard/dry skin and corn removal with electronic buffing and finally a quick foot massage, applying foot cream so your feet feel rejuvenated.

Price: £35.00
Time: 30 Minutes
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Personalised Nutrition Consultation by Dietitian

Nutrition and diet have a huge role to play in our day to day lifestyles. Our nutrition consultations are taken by qualified Dietitians that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. We can help you or a family member better manage your own diet to achieve your goals. No matter the reason or condition this appointment is a great place to start your journey.

Some of the common conditions our Dietitian's can help with:

  • Chronic conditions and inflammation
  • Sports performance
  • Recovery based nutrition
  • IBS
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Diabetes

Please get in contact to discuss how our team can support you.

Price: £60.00
Time: 1 Hour
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