Treatment Areas

Sports Injury and Performance

Injuries happen in sports - but we can help! Our state-of-the-art assessment suite uses world-leading human movement and treatment technology to help your recovery and become the best athlete or individual you can be. Our sports injuries team of physiotherapists and soft tissue therapists can test your entire body to identify underlying weaknesses before they turn into an annoying niggle or an injury that will impact your season. If an injury occurs, book in to see our physiotherapists or soft tissue specialist for a detailed assessment and effective treatments to get you back to performing at your best quickly. Our soft tissue team can keep you in peak condition for longer or help speed up injury recovery by using innovative treatment technology. These treatments should be a part of your regular training regime. Our dietitians can help with your nutritional health as it isn’t just all about physical ability. Book in to see one of our specialised teams or contact the clinic!
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Chronic Injuries and Treatments

Chronic injuries and conditions should not get in the way of you getting the best from your day! The team at Altima can help you manage your symptoms and make you perform the best you can whether you are at home, in the office, or undertaking your hobby. Our state-of-the-art assessment suite means we can provide a fast and detailed data-led assessment that identifies all strengths and weaknesses. This means we can then tailor your treatment pathway to ensure maximum benefit and mobility. Our soft tissue team is very experienced in treating chronic conditions to help manage pain, inflammation, and movement restrictions.
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Self Care and Luxury Treatments

At Altima, we understand the importance of taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. That's why we offer a variety of self-care practices to help you relax, unwind and manage stress, helping you reset your positive perspective. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and treat yourself to some much-needed "me" time at Altima. Plan some time for yourself at Altima, where we encourage you to be your best self.
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Nutritional Health

Our personalised nutritional consultations assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. This is performed by our Nutritional Health team who are fully qualified, Dietitians and Nutritionists. We identify potential imbalances in your body and lifestyle and understand how these may be contributing to your current symptoms and condition through personalised nutritional consultations, allowing us to get to the root cause of your problems. To achieve the best results, we then create nutrition and lifestyle programs that are specifically tailored to your individual goals and needs.
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Treating the whole you

Altima Clinics offers a single location to better yourself and your health. Our skilled Physiotherapists, Pilates instructors, Dietitians, Soft Tissue Therapists, and Neuromuscular Therapists are committed to resolving your aches, and pains - helping you move and feel better.

We take a full-body approach to your health by using cutting-edge technology to conduct a thorough analysis of your body, uncovering any underlying issues. We can provide effective, targeted treatment and develop a personalised rehabilitation plan based on this information to help you become the best version of yourself.

Your complete solution in one location - A modern approach to Physiotherapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, Pilates & Nutrition in Northern Ireland

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