Meet our newest soft tissue therapist - Rian McLernon?

Rian has been working as a sports and soft tissue massage therapist since 2019. Patients of Rian's range from construction workers to office workers, people suffering from chronic pain to cyclists and athletes in soccer, GAA, and rugby. ⁠

While having a level 3 qualification in sports massage, Rian is currently a final-year student studying podiatry and is passionate about reducing pain and improving recovery from injuries to the lower extremities!⁠

Participating at a number of NHS hospitals as part of his university's clinical rotations, Rian gained experience in the treatment of a variety of long-term illnesses like Rheumatoid Arthritis and diabetes.⁠

Rian will be available during the week to provide soft tissue and sports massage therapy to help people with recovery and rehabilitation! ⁠

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