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Where do I hear more about upcoming events, classes and treatments?

Make sure to follow our Instagram page as well as signing up to our newsletter to get regular updates.

Who should come to Altima?

At Altima we offer a range of treatments for acute injuries, chronic injuries, surgery rehabilitation, sport performance and prevention. This means we can treat the whole family regardless of the challenge.

Can you help with pain management?

All to often the symptoms from a chronic condition can be painful. We can help manage these symptoms by using innovative technology in the hands of our trained therapists.

Can you help with chronic conditions?

Absolutely! If you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as Arthritis we are here to help. We can help you manage your symptoms by helping support your overall health. This might be helping relieve some of the more painful symptoms. Strengthening the overall body. Helping plan a diet to eat less inflammatory foods or to manage weight. Also, the emotional challenges of managing a chronic condition can be supported by our emotional health team.

I've recently had surgery - can you help?

Recovery or rehabiliation from surgery is essential and our team are here to help get you to your ultimate self as quickly as possible. This might be getting moblilty back as soon as possible. It might be building up muscle groups. It might also be getting you on the right diet to help you heal naturally. It may also be treating any scars to help them heal as well as possible. We have a complete team in house that you can access as often as you wish

How quickly can I be seen?

We offer priority appointments for those that need us. We know it can sometimes be hard to get the support as quickly as you would like after a diagnosis or following a procedure. So we will always aim to give those that need us the most a priority appointment. Often there can be long wait times in the NHS as they are under a lot of pressure so we can give quick appointments to Physiotherapists and Dieticians as well as many other therapists.

Can you treat sports teams and clubs as well as individuals?

We offer a range of treatments for individuals who either have a sports injury or want to increase their performance. We can also offer analysis and treatments for teams and clubs either in our clinic or at a club.

Im concerned I might get injured this year can you help me prevent this?

Preventative care is a growing area. Not just in sports performance but also in general life too. It might be that you do not want an injury before a big game or race It is also possible you do not want your back pain to flare up or would like the strength to make sure you don't have a fall. So let our wide and varied team help you.

Do you offer corporate wellness packages

Altima can offer all of our individual or group treatment packages as part of a corporate wellness package. This means our team can turn up at a business and provide the workforce with one to one treatments such as deep tissue massage, physiotherapy assessment, nutritional appointments and emotional health appointments. We can also offer groups sessions such as nutritional talks.

What to expect

Where is the clinic in Mid Ulster?

We are in the heart of Magherafelt on the Diamond (the roundabout in the centre of the town.) This means we are very central in Northern Ireland with patients travelling from a broad range of locations to be treated at the clinic.

Do you have a lift?

Yes we have a lift so everyone can access the two floors of our clinic.

Is there good parking nearby?

We are fortunate to have a lot of publicly available carpark nearby. There are some spaces right at the door and a loading area for drop off. There are lots of car parks within a short walking distance too.

Is there someone to help me to the clinic?

Absolutely! If you need help from your car to the clinic one of our team can meet you at your car and support you to the clinic. We will of course help you back to your car after your treatment too.

What do I need to bring?

If you are having a treatment with one of our Physical Health team we recommned you wear lose clothing or bring with you alternative clothes you would be more comfortable wearing. We will be able to offer you privacy for any changing requirements.

Where is reception?

Reception can be found on the first floor at the top of the stairs.


Do you offer movement classes at Altima?

We have a large movement room at Altima which means we can offer classes such as yoga, pilates and other movement classes.

Do you offer Nutritional or Dietary classes?

Yes we will be offering a range of nutritional classes at the clinic. Keep an eye on our social media pages to hear more.

Will you be offering special events or classes?

We are looking forward to developing a range of special events and classes from our clinic. Keep an eye on our social media pages.

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