Chronic Condition - Complete Assessment 

A long-term condition or injury can be managed to make you move and feel better!

This personalised assessment provides a Head-to-toe review with one of our expert physiotherapists. Regardless of the extent of your chronic injury or condition we can make a detailed plan based on a subjective assessment combined with utilising the innovative technology in our clinic.

Patients who undertake this assessment are looking to:

  • Manage a chronic condition
  • Rehabilitate from a previous injury or surgical procedure
  • Improve overall mobility, strength, or movement
  • Help preserve independence and quality of life
  • Manage pain for conditions such as Arthritis
  • continue their hobbies

This assessment includes:  

  • Full body assessment by a physiotherapist to identify any existing or underlying injuries. 
  • Movement and Mobility testing using the 3D movement analysis HumanTrak system. This provides detailed insights into the movement of using a 3D model of your body.
  • VALD Technology will be used to analyse balance and movement strategies in a range of suitable exercises. Isometric testing will then be undertaken across the full body. This can help measure and test 35+ different movements.
  • Our physiotherapist will then take you through these detailed results to identify how you can improve, help prevent an injury, rehabilitate, or how to better manage your chronic condition.  
  • A hands on treatment will also be delivered to help provide relief for current symptoms identified.
  • A personalised exercise plan is developed and provided through the TeleHab app so you can watch videos and do the exercises easily.
  • This is followed by a bespoke report so you can review the full assessment results afterward.


  • We can also provide ongoing support from our multidisciplinary team.
  • We can also make referrals to other specialists if required. 
  • If you would just like the assessment and would like to undertake treatment somewhere else, we will provide you with a full report that can be provided to your physiotherapist or specialist.
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